Pierre and Crystal Dunn

It’s been said, “If love is great, then it is worth fighting for”, and for Crystal and Pierre Dunn this couldn’t be more true. After meeting as teenagers, they were not just best friends, but family. Eventually, feelings evolved and at 20 &21 years old, they were married in September 2000. Their family was made complete with the arrival of their daughters, Carris and Cairrah Dunn. They had God, their love and their babies. Though they had several challenges being married young and having their first child so early in their marriage, they were a team. They conquered their challenges together. 

      After 13 years of marriage, and difficulties becoming insurmountable, infidelity was committed and the family crumbled under the weight of its obstacles. Pierre and Crystal were divorced and what was once a romantic story about young love, became a nightmare. This nightmare was played out in front of their community, their church and most importantly, their families. Broken themselves, they fought to hold their children together and navigate this new normal the best way they knew how. They had to remain connected for the sake of the girls, but it wasn’t easy. They began seeking God together as parents and that’s when God began to heal their relationship. In time, they learned to co-parent effectively as a team without any chance of reconciliation in their minds.

On April 8th, 2018, after being divorced for nearly six years, everything changed. The stage of their heartbreak paled in comparison to the grand stage God would use for their healing and testimony. Pierre was asked to testify at Turning Point Family Worship Center, the church they attend. As he began to explain how God has healed and delivered him, even Pierre himself, was surprised at what happened next. God instantly gave him the authority to take back his family- his wife included. Crystal had no idea that while the father of her children was testifying, God was performing open heart surgery on her and her daughters. The congregation sat, many weeping, as they saw the love of God and repentance and healing perfectly demonstrated in Pierre’s example. God completed the work immediately in the family- giving Crystal back the ability to love Pierre beyond being her brother in Christ and the father of her children. As for Carris and Cairrah, God gave them the ability to fully forgive their parents and happily watch God do something they never thought He would. Pierre then called Crystal up in front of the church and got on one knee and asked her if she would take him back as her husband.  Healing flowed through  Pierre, Crystal, the girls, the congregation- It continues to flow from the testimony of this family, to this day.


On June 2nd, 2018, the work that God had done was solidified as they once again became Mr. and Mrs. Dunn. Better2Gether is not just a title, it is a statement of truth founded in God’s word that when God has joined two people- they are better, together. Better2Gether is the personal ministry of the Dunn family with the idea of Appreciation over Expectation engrained as a core value. The goal of Better2Gether is to promote that with God’s help you can forgive what you can’t forget and to showcase that God really can DO ANYTHING!!!